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February 25, 2011
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Sword Trove of Lynariel by taghuso Sword Trove of Lynariel by taghuso
Wyrnaya: The White Doom

Inscription: Druidic
Crafted by: Cathlost Craftsmaster, Druid Mastersmith
Description: A curved and bright blade. It’s hilt and pommel set with great gems, ivory and gold. Sword of Lynariel the Fair, Druid Queen of Al Sirioth.

Morgamroth: The Black Doom

Inscription “Death come swift to any who would stand against me.” Sindar
Description: A sword with a blade as black as wet ink. It’s hilt is of golden circles, worked with great red stones. A blade eager for blood and one that would speed the hand to quench it’s thrist.

Lothardru: Harvester

Inscription: Druidic
Crafted by: Cathlost Craftsmaster, Druid Mastersmith
Description: A sweeping blade of great breadth, wrought with spells of doom. The sword yearns for it’s task and when set to work; bites hungrily and foes fall before it.

Mablunger: Heavy Hander
Inscription: decorative, Westron
Description: A great sword with a silver blade as wide as a man’s hand, and nearly as thick. The blade of a man of mighty stature. A sword which respects no foe.

Gloss: The White
Inscription: “Judgement to the Sins of Darkness.”, Westron
Description: A sword whose blade is of surpassing whiteness and edge. A burning brand to evil eyes. A sword known and feared by dark hearts and wicked minds.

Glormegil: Goldblade
Inscription: “Goldblade is my name let all darkness fall before me.” Sindar
Description: A blade of shining star gold. The blade burns with it’s own radiance. The blade is peerless in beauty and perfection. The only known piece of star gold.

Aeglosethil: Ice Born Sword or Icicle Sword
Inscription: none, Sindar
Description: It’s hilt marked with silver crescents and leafless boughs, the sword shines like ice and is cold to touch as iron in February.

Hathroth: Guardian
Inscription: decorative. Westron
Description: Elegant and strong, of it’s wielder it demands great might, but lends more than it taxes. Sword of Aarth the First.

Galdrang; Sword of Kings
Inscription: “Galdrang, Sword of Kings, Let the Even Hand Rule.” Westron
Description: Dark bladed, and golden hilted the sword seems to judge without being asked. Sword of Aarth VII, the sword that slew Angmal the Black.

Talblazuhn: The Blue Star
Inscription: decorative. Dwarven
Description: Stainless, scratchless, this heavy blue steel blade is made of one piece of strange metal and is uncommonly sharp. A blade that carves iron like green wood. Songs do not remember any of its bearers, save its very last one; Durandel, Bane of Evil.

Irion: Majesty
Inscription: decorative, Sindar
Description: A mighty blade, for one of great stature. It’s golden hilt shines with the brilliance of a magical blue stone. The sword of Enwe, Elf King of Thoriad, long since fallen.

Ringath: Woe
Inscription: decorative, Westron
Description: A great blade of dazzling brightness on a hilt as dark as night. Set upon it are many spells of protection.

Seregost: Blood Dread
Inscription: decorative, Sindar
Description: A long keen blade, fitted to a wicked black hilt, set with stones like stormy seas. A bloodthirsty blade with little patience for an even hand. A sword that demands tribute of blood and death.

Thurinhethil; Sword of Mystery
Inscription: Decorative, Noldor
Description: A sword of ancient Noldor design, but crafted in Middle Earth. Believed to be of one of the hidden kingdoms of Elves. A blade invested with power and grace.

Aethfold, Song of Aeth (Note: This sword is not of Lynariel's Weapontake, and is here as a contemporary weapon)
Inscription: none, Vahir
Crafted by: Scyvald, smith of Rund
Description: A great and broad blade, of shining steel and a hungry edge. The sword of a man of great strength. The blade of Aeth the Strong, father of Aelfric the Mariner, father of Ullyf Dragonslayer.

Aurghast: Breaker of Foes
Inscription: “Aurghast, Sword of Hugyn, Breaker of Foes.” Westron
Description: The blade is fanned like a flame, and shines brightly, and more brightly when lit by fire. Slayer of the dragon, Vuluigdrin by the hand of Hugyn, son of Mugyn.
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ElysianMoon Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014
Pretties. LoL  Love these. :D
taghuso Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Much thanks!
DYIM74 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2013
очень нравится ваши работы))))
JackHologram Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013
may i have permission to model this into 3d models and post a picture of the finished 3d model on my blog and on deviant art. I will post a link here and note you as the creator of the original design.
taghuso Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
So long as it is not for commercial usage.
JackHologram Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013
non-Commercial, more of a learning experience.
taghuso Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Roll with it
taghuso Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
Both, excellent choices.
Random223 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
So the fourth one on left from aboe and last one I like!
Soul-Caliber Featured By Owner May 17, 2012
Awesome sword designs :3
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